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We would love to hear what you think of our gizmos and our website.  We will shortly be developing a section of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), customer comments and reviews.

So please help us by sending in your comments, reviews and questions.  If it’s a question, then we’ll try and get back to you personally. 

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Comment Ref.001

From: Todmorden

Date: 17/04/2012

Just bought the brilliant Multi-Shuttle Launcher for my son he thinks it is wonderful.  Discovered that my one year old daughter loves it just as much.  She calls it a popper due to the popping sound the shuttles make when forced by high air pressure from the launcher.  When launched my daughter crawls after the bright yellow missiles and asks for more.  Great Fun..


FAQ Ref.001 - Hi - we received this as a gift (University of Cambridge Solar Powered walking spider)  with instructions of how to put it together but with no ideas of how it works after.  It doesnt do anything!!

From: M A Davidson

Date: 15/03/12

Well done in assembling the spider – It can be very fiddly. The walking spider has a solar panel attached to its back, the cover of which is slightly domed. If you place the spider in direct sunlight the solar panel will power the motor attached to the legs and the spider will start walking. Solar panels do not generate electricity under fluorescent light or  the light from low energy light bulbs as the light spectrum they operate in  is the wrong colour.  Sunlight or tungsten light is best. Other checks to make are to ensure the solar panel cables are securely attached to the motor and that the joints to the legs are not too tight as the motor has to overcome a fair bit mechanical resistance before it generates enough power to enable the legs to move. I hope this helps.

This is a wonderful kit full of fascinating engineering and electrical concepts.

FAQ Ref.002 - My Multi-Shuttle Launcher is not firing at full capacity

From: Todmorden

Date: 06/06/2012

Every Multi-Shuttle Launcher has been individually tested before despatch to ensure it is working properly.  However, with prolonged use the seal lubricant within the piston mechanism can deteriorate reducing the build up of air pressure behind the shuttle before launching.  To restore the seal's effectiveness carefully undo the screw holding the rotating barrel to the piston chamber and remove.  This will reveal a small hole about 1cm square. Pull the piston back as far as it will go then using a small stick insert some Vaseline inside the chamber.  This will restore the seal.  Carefully re-attach the barrel with the screw ensuring not to over tighten and resume launching.








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